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Be sure to have the latest version of Kontakt (the full version) installed. While there is a free "Kontakt Player", this has less features and supports a limited number of libraries. Kontakt is the industry-standard starting point to enter the professional world of virtual instruments. The latest version is required for use with Film Sounds instruments. You can find more info on getting Kontakt here.




Composer forums such as VI-Control, the NI forum, and many others are the best way to find fast answers to common questions about working with Virtual Instruments or how to improve your work. Forums also help sound developers work more directly with users to get more done. Many professional film composers visit forums every day. Otherwise, feel free to contact Film Sounds directly or on VI-Control.



Download links are initially valid for 30 days. When an order is completed, you will be given the link directly on the website and via email. Contact Film Sounds to request new download links if your data is lost.



Film Sounds instruments are intentionally simple to use. Some FX presets are made available using Kontakt's integrated FX. You can disable these if you prefer to use your own FX (this is recommended for best results). Otherwise, libraries like VOLT only require writing notes and dynamics (velocity or mod-wheel) to get great results. If you move the location of a sample library on your computer, Kontakt may ask you to locate missing files. When you resave patches, you will no longer get this prompt. This is a normal Kontakt feature, discussed in the Kontakt manual and often in Kontakt tutorials.

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