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Handcrafting synth sounds to work together, stand great on their own in many music genres, and enhance the hybrid orchestra; that's just the start of a good sound. Adding an organic shape to hybrid synth sounds is a tricky art. The end result should feel effortless and simple, like it always belonged in your music.

We all enjoy complex rhythms and deeply shaped textures in our favorite film scores. Whether you use a DAWs (Studio One vs Logic or maybe FL Studio vs Abelton) or write scores with the best music notation software to write notes by hand and be instantly realistic (easily StaffPad), instruments should respond to you.


A useful Hybrid Orchestral sample library ought to run on any device. If you could put Kontakt on a phone, Film Sounds would be there. Playable, agile, expressive instruments are the future of film scoring. None of that requires a server farm.


As composers, we're meant to think about syncopation, tempo, counterpoint, or to ponder how to Beethoven. We're not meant to think about RAM requirements and building a new computer in a panicked night just as you land a film job. Smarter tools keep us writing, not configuring.

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